Working Papers and Pre-Prints

  • Synthetic Controls and Weighted Event Studies with Staggered Adoption arxiv
    • Eli Ben-Michael, Avi Feller, and Jesse Rothstein
  • The Augmented Synthetic Control Method arxiv
    • Eli Ben-Michael, Avi Feller, and Jesse Rothstein


  • Layoffs and the mental health and safety of remaining workers: a difference-in-differences analysis of the US aluminium industry article
    • Holly Elser, Eli Ben-Michael, David Rehkopf, Sepideh Modrek, Ellen A Eisen, Mark R Cullen.
      Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. 2019+

Open Source Software

  • augsynth: R package for augmented synthetic controls and synthetic controls with staggered adoption github

Contributed Presentations

  • Augmented Panel Data Models with Staggered Adoption
    • Atlantic Causal Inference Conference 2019 poster
      Thomas Ten Have Award Runner Up
    • 2019 Berkeley-Stanford Econometrics Jamboree slides
  • Multi-level balancing weights for multi-site observational studies
    • Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness Spring 2019 Conference slides
  • The Augmented Synthetic Control Method
    • 2018 European Winter Meeting of the Econometric Society slides
  • Matrix Constraints and Multi-Task Learning for Covariate Balance
    • UAI Causal Workshop 2018 slides
    • Atlantic Causal Inference Conference 2018 poster